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Menu of beer restaraunt «BeerLoga»

You can order any dishes from our menu by calling +7 (4132) 200-777.
Click on any dishes you want and you'll see their cost on a left side and total sum of orders above list of categories.

Язык: Русский / English

Snacks for beer

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Tiger shrimps in bacon

Shrimp skewers with lemon, pickled ginger and «Teryaki» sauce

100/75/50/20/10/10 650
Tiger shrimps with «Teryaki» sauce 200/50 1300
Shrimps in shells fried with garlic 100/50/10 450
Snacks platter

Raw smoked meat, Cheddar cheese, smoked cheese, «Sochinsky» cheese, raw smoked sausage, croutons, «Blue cheese» sauce

30/20/20/25/20/30/90/50 410
Deep fried cheese 150 380
Beer dipping sauce with smoked sausages 250 310
Salmon with dill and lemon sauce

Served in Sweden style with potatoes

200 660
Mini Lulah Kebab from mutton baked in lavash

Crispy lavash roll-ups with moisty mutton Lulah Kebab and tomato sauce

270 450
Pistachio nuts -- 200
Dried calamaries -- 200

Rye-crisps with sour cream and garlic sauce

50/100 120
Smoked porkling ears 200 350
Cold-smoked vendace for beer

Yakut fish from Derinkir Lake

300 300
Air-dried vendace for beer

Yakut fish from Derinkir Lake

200 300
Cold-smoked muksun

Fish fillet, lemon, green herbs

200/5/10 500

For a crowd

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Homebrewed sausages, 1 meter string

Sausages with various fillers, adjika sauce from fresh tomatoes, skin-on fried potatoes. And all this Royal Pleasure is covered by a «lavash blanket»

1200/300/300 3800
Crown of a short rack

Served with potatoes and cheese baked in foil, Barbecue sauce

1500/1000/500 2900
Stewed mutton foreshank with mushrooms and potatoes

Grilled mutton foreshank, French fries, baked tomatoes stuffed with rusk mix (mix of bread crumb, vegetables, egg white and cream)

1200/600/300/220/200 2950
Spareribs baked in the oven

Fried spicy spareribs, fried potato wedges, fresh vegetables, Barbecue sauce

600/350/200/100 1100
Tiger shrimps fried with salt and pepper, Béarnaise sauce

Béarnaise sauce is made according to an old recipe and is considered one of the most popular sauces in France

300/50 1500
Deep fried chicken wings

Served with «Tartar» sauce and green herbs

500/250/10 800
Snacks platter for beer

Calamar rings, tiger shrimps, onion rings, cheese balls – everything is fried in beer batter, Tartare sauce and capers

130/80/130/235/50/100 1100

Cold appetizers

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Assorted seafood

Gravycommon whelks, crabs, tiger shrimps, mussels in shells, calamaries, lemon

250/15 1200
Assorted smoked northern fishes

Fish in oil, trout, halibut, lemon, green herbs, honey and mustard sauce

150/170 850
Gravy common whelks with «BeerLoga» sauce

Full of protein whelks meat with savory sauce, lemon, green herbs

50/50/25/10/5 650
Salmon roe

Served with oil, lemon and green herbs

50/20/1015 200
«Accenti» carpaccio

Sure combination of pickled ginger, raw fish and orange fresh (salmon, tuna, halibut, roe)

150 540
«Tartar» with salmon

Tender salmon meat, marinated with onion and spices. Served with avocado mousse and baked paprika sauce

200 350
Yakut whitefish hoe 100/160 350
Venison carpaccio 100/100 350
Scallop carpaccio

The recipe was taken from Harrus Bar, Venecia (scallop, paprika, radish, cucumber)

80/30/30/30 650
«Spring Blending»

Cherry tomatoes, farmer cheese, «Feta» cheese, olive oil, Balsamic sauce, bunch onion, green salad

225/100/100/20 480
«Bloody Mary» snack

Lightly salted salmon, Siberian salmon roe, flavory flapjacks, sour cream, «Bloody Mary» cocktail

50/50/180/50/20/200 780
Young herring for good old vodka

Classical Russian appetizer. It’s everything you ever needed! Herring, served with potatoes green peas, onion, eggs, roe

100/100/50/75/40/50 560
Boiled tongue with sauce

Beef tongue, «Pungent» sauce, green salad, cherry tomatoes

100/50/50/30 480
Robust oven-baked ham 150/20/5 350
Pelle Jansson

Favorite appetizer of Opera maître of the late 19th century (marbled beef, toast, butter, onion, sour cream, roe, quail eggs)

280 520
Plenty of meat

Raw smoked sausage, homebrewed baked ham, chicken roll, beef roll

710 900
Assorted fresh vegetables

Seasoned vegetables, green mayonnaise sauce

645 550
Homebrewed pickles

Pickled cucumbers, spicy cabbage, spicy carrot, pickled mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bunching onion, Georgian-style eggplants

640 850
Cheese plate

Camembert, Maasdam, marble cheese, Roquefort. Served with grapes and walnut

350 450
Pickled black and green olives

Olives pickled in spicy sauce in Oriental style

200 150
Lemon with sugar 120 50

Hot appetizers

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Potato flapjacks with smoked salmon and sour cream

To choose from: potato or zucchini

365 450
Fried common whelks with onion 200 720
Escargots with garlic sauce in Burgundy-style 170 450
Scallop in creamy sauce

Cream is the most perfect couple for scallop that Nature has ever created! Vine and spices added

150 650
Mushrooms baked in sour cream sauce 200 350
Spring-rolls with crab meat and pork

Rice crapes in Oriental style: crispy batter and juicy filler

250 620
Mussels baked in two sauces

Mussels in shells, Parmesan cheese, garlic, skin-off tomatoes in own juice, cream, Mozzarella

305 450
Mussels in sauce of mushrooms and saffron 260 595
Julienne made of shrimps and mussels

Salad shrimps, mussels, field mushrooms, onion, Parmesan cheese, béchamel sauce

150 350
Chinese-style eggplants

Eggplants, chili-pepper, garlic, onion, soya sauce, starch, rice sauce

200/110/20 450

Cold salads

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
«Sea Imp»

Common whelks, fried field mushrooms, fresh cucumbers, quail eggs, Siberian salmon roe, «Kimcha» sauce

220 999
«Fitness Lady»

Tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, green salad, brynza cheese, toasts, pomegranate sauce

260 450
Crab salad

Crabs, eggs, bunch onion, mayonnaise

215 880
Salad with smoked eels

Smoked eels, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, green salad, bunching onion, green herbs, sweet spicy sauce

335 600

Fried chicken breast, green salad, cheese, toasts, mushrooms, Caesar sauce

190 380
Salad with calamaries and pineapples

Good combination of tender marine product and exotic fruit

250 350
«Merchant salad»

Merchant’s favorite salad made of smoked salmon, roe, cucumbers and bunched onion.

210 550
«Summer salad»

Light vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and pine nuts

160 250
Shrimp cocktail

Tiger shrimps, green salad, tomatoes, «Cocktail» sauce

185 850
Crab and shrimps salad

Salad with marine products dressed with sauce made of lemon juice, cream and mayonnaise

228 980
Crab and sesame salad

Sesame sauce makes this food balanced and unique

230 760

Pickled field mushrooms, chicken fillet, ham, paprika, pineapples, grapes, light mayonnaise and cream

250 355
«Sea Wind»

Octopus, calamaries, salad shrimps, mussels, grapefruits, oranges, quail eggs, homebrewed mayonnaise

285 580
«Gubernatorial salad» 320 555
«Grecian salad»

Fresh vegetables dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, Feta cheese

270 420
Salad with eggplants and Feta cheese

Eggplants, tomatoes and Feta cheese are combined and dressed with oregano and white wine vinegar sauce

230 350
Salad with avocado

Avocado, green apples, Parmesan cheese, cherry-tomatoes dressed with sweet and spicy sauce

185 320

Beef, eggs, apples, walnuts, grapes, green salad, rye bread, chili pepper, mayonnaise

285 450
«Karsky-style salad»

Boiled Beef with green apple cut into sticks is the perfect combination. And shredded pickle cucumbers with garlic add some spiciness

225 450
«A la Russe» salad with tuna

Another version of our favorite Olivier salad

225 550

Warm salads

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Green salad with marine product

Mixture of every kinds of tastes textures and flavors makes this salad an original and racy treat. Nut and raspberry sausage complete gustatory sensation

320 560
Salad with beef fried with nut sauce

Green salad, cucumbers, radish, tomatoes, walnut sauce, beef sirloin, Parmesan cheese

265 590
Salad with chicken liver

Green salad, pine nuts, chicken liver, onion, garlic, field mushrooms, raspberry dressing, air-cured tomatoes

280 450
Salad with beef and rice noodles

This salad contains flavors of East and West, Japan and Italy. Combining of Japan noodles, meat, vegetables and mushrooms is very sudden. All dressed withsesame and soya bean sauce

340 580
Salad with octopus and boiled potatoes

Green salad, cherry tomatoes, onion, olive oil, wine vinegar

240 550
Green salad with duck meat dressed with honey sauce 225 480

Smoked eels, rice, Mitsukan vinegar, cucumber pickled in spicy sauce, olive oil, green herbs, cherry tomatoes

285 595


Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Kalja for hangovered with cold snifter

Thick chicken soup and pickle-water served with snifter of homebrewed liqueur

320 370
«Stakhanovets» soup made of marine products

Eating it makes workload as easy as child's play!

300 640
Oxtail andlentil soup 300 220
Cream soup with white mushrooms 300 310
Fish chowder

Black halibut, salmon

300 410

A thick soup of vegetables and meat

100/180/50 400

Sausages from chief

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Georgian-style sausages

Spicy pork with pomegranateseeds

200/100/50/50/50/50/5 700
Munich-style sausages

Pork, veal, lemon peel, parsley

200/100/50/50/50/50/5 700
Mutton sausages

With adding of onion, garlic and herbs de Provence

200/100/50/50/50/50/5 700
Kebab sausages

Pork marinated with wine vinegar and spices

200/100/50/50/50/50/5 700
Wild fowl sausages 200/100/50/50/50/50/5 750


Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Spaghetti with veal

With chili pepper and olive oil

350 450
Spaghetti «carbonara»

With cream sauce, mushrooms and ham

350 450
Fettuccine with shrimps

With cream sauce, vegetables and Parmesan cheese

350 450
Buckwheat spaghetti with pork

Served with sour cream and white mushrooms

430 550

«Sizzling griddles»

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Bean pork in beer

Bean pork, onion, ginger, garlic, paprika, zucchini, cream, beer

390 450
Mediterranean-style flatfish fillet

Served with boiled-and-fried potatoes, with cream dressing, capers, black olives, air-dried tomatoes

150/150/75 580
Fried calamaries with onion 300/10/5 350
Ukrainian-style cabbage rolls in sour cream sauce

Served with mashed potatoes

500 450
Country-style pork

Carve pork with potatoes baked in cream

480/50 650
Shrimps and mussels on shoestring potatoes 400 980

Round rissoles of beef with eggs, tomatoes and green herbs

300 480
Tomato Cachuca with marine products

A thick soup with marine products for thrillseekers

280 650
Chinese-style sizzling meat 480 510

Dishes of wild fowl

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Moose meat dressed with taiga sauce

Served with baked potatoes, mushrooms and cabbage

150/280/80 1100
Venison with forest mushrooms and pine nuts

Served with cranberries, mashed potatoes and spinach

150/120/90 950
Moose meat dressed with cranberry sauce

Served with fried potatoes and mushrooms

200/75/70/150 1150
Venison fillet dressed with blackberry sauce

Served with berry mousse

150/270 970
Uncle Misha’s wild fowl meat pockets

Served with sour cream or butter, and green herbs

235/100 450
«Forest» cutlets with blueberry sauce

Made of moose meat, stuffed with mushrooms. Served with potatoes baked in sour cream

150/150/50/10 550

Dishes of pork

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Pork in sour and sweet sauce

Meat marinated with soya bean and honey, fried in deep fat

200/100/10 520
Chop for Dad

A big chunk of meat with Barbecue sauce and green salad

300 580
Carve pork in Singapore pepper sauce with baked potatoes 400 540
Pork chop with apple sauce

Served with mash potatoes

394 550
Pineapple pork for Mom

Pineapples are fried in walnut oil. Served with baked eggplant

300 520
Meat ribs in honey marinade

With baked in metal paper potatoes and spicy sauerkraut

550 690

Dishes of mutton

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Lamb meat dressed with «Barolo» sauce and served with baked potatoes and white mushrooms 200/238 980
Georgian-style «Chanakhi» 396 450
Lamb meat with grilled vegetables 550 850

Dishes of beef

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Burger with rosti and BBQ sauce 400 480
Beef with karri sauce

Served with mash potatoes

150/150/100/100 999
Beef with mushrooms, mash potatoes and pickled cucumbers 250/140/20/100 850
Beef fillet with onion

Marbled beef fried with onion. Served with risotto

180/120/150 999
Beef tongue baked with cheese

With potatoes, cream and tomatoes

100/50/150/50 550
Grilled «Ribeye»

Served with spicy sauerkraut and pepper sauce

300/100/100/5 1680
Beef dressed with ginger sauce

Beef fillet marinated in spicy sausage, cut into sticks, fried with onion, garlic, paprika and ginger. Served with risotto

360/150/10/5/100 999

Dishes of lamb

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Lamb fillet with cherry dressing

Served with mash potatoes and spinach

250/150/100/100 1200
Lamb meat with scalloped potatoes and creamy sauce 150/160/50/5 1200
Lamb meat with chanterelles

Served with green peas puree and ginger-creamy dressing

200/50/100/50/5 1200

Dishes of poultry

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Chicken breast with pineapple dressing and rice croquet 150/150/10 450
Chicken breast baked with apples and cheese 320 450

Dishes of rabbit

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Rabbit meat with potato rolls staffed with white mushrooms and mustard-horseradish dressing 150/230/100 945

Dishes of marine products

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
«Kamchatskaya» cutlet

Made of crab meat with tomatoes, cucumbers and «Beerloga» sauce. Served with «Mosaic» rice

410 950
«Man’s vapors on-line» chop

Common whelks and one more common whelk! «Tobvas» sauce and cauliflower

125/50/150/50 1100
Scallop with cheese sauce 100/100 560
Jackfish cutlets with grilled eggplants, scallop and «Zucchini» hard sauce 200/100/50/100 585
Common whelks cutlet

Served with béchamel sauce and white rice

250 890

Dishes of fish

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Scallop and halibut «en papillote» with creamy dressing 75/75/100 850
Halibut in metal paper with lemon dressing and delicate rice 170/150/50 780
Fried halibut with grilled vegetables 150/300 850
«Womanizer» halibut

Black halibutfillet staffed with shrimps, Parmesan cheese and creamy dressing. Served with caramelized zucchini, lemon ,green herbs and roe

200/100/10/5/50 1200
Chilean sea bass fillet with blackberry sauce

Served with mash potatoes and spinach, wasabi

150/150/50/50 990
«King's Pleasure»

Flatfish fillet staffed with crab meat, béchamel sauce, bunch onion. Served with «Mosaic» rice, roe sauce, lemon and green herbs

200/150/50/10/5 850
Wood-grilled omul fillet

Served with spinach and fiddlehead ferns, pine nut dressing

150/200/50/50/10/5 850
Muksun fillet with pomegranate dressing, cherry tomatoes and zucchini

Speciality of this authors dish is combining of salty fish and sour-and-sweet sauce

150/150/50/10/15 850
Delicate salmon fillet

Steamed with dry wine with shrimp sauce

150/100/160/50 790
Fried nelma (Siberian white salmon) in ginger coating

Served with mash tomatoes, onion oil and crispy bunch onion sticks

150/150/30/30/5 950

Side orders

Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Egg rolled cauliflower 150 200
Fried potatoes with mushrooms 220 200
Boiled potatoes with dill 215 200
Mash potatoes with complex side order 255 200
French fries 250 200
Fried potato wedges 250 200
Vegetable stew with green herbs 155 200
Risotto 150 200
«Mosaic» rice 150 200
Spicy beans 150 200
Grilled vegetables

Paprica, eggplants, tomatoes, marrows, green herbs

100/100/100/50/5 350


Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
«Beer Loga»

Ham, smoked products, Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese

500 600

Mixed marine products, Maasdam cheese, Parmesan cheese

450 600

Camembert cheese, Maasdam cheese, marble cheese, Parmesan cheese

494 600


Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)
Homebrewed adjika 50 50
«Beer Loga» 50 50
«Bear's Kiss» 50 50
Sour cream and garlic sauce with dill 50 50


Title Serving size (g) Price (RUR)

Ice cream and berries in syrup

208 350
Ice cream

To choose from: with nuts, with chocolate, with syrup, with fruits

170 200
Mint parfait «La Grotta» 130 250
Strudel with ice cream

To choose from: apple or cherry

340 250
Fruit plate 500 350
Fruit salad

Kiwi, grapes, oranges, apples, raspberries, frozen strawberries, «Bocuse» sauce, walnuts, whipped cream

200 300
Berries with «Bocuse» dressing 200 180
Chocolate parfait «Sweet kiss»

Dark chocolate, cream, Amaretto

150 250
Strawberry parfait with «Malibu» salsa

White chocolate, cream, cocoanut flakes

150 250
Cheesecake in assortment 1 piece 250


Title Volume (l) Price (RUR)
«Rich» juice in assortment 0,2 50
1 250
Cranberry drink 0,2 90
1 450
Fresh juices in assortment 0,2 250


Title Volume (l) Price (RUR)
«Althouse» in assortment 0,5 200
Ginger tea (honey, fresh ginger, lemon)

Barkeeper’s masterwork!

0,5 300
Berry tea (made of forest berries and honey)


0,5 300
«Beerloga» tea

Honey, lemon, mint, thyme, black tea

0,5 300
«Curtis» in assortment -- 50


Title Volume (l) Price (RUR)
Espresso -- 80
Americano -- 110
Capuccino -- 150
Latte -- 160
Mocciato -- 90
Irish-coffee -- 300
Ice-coffee -- 200


Title Volume (l) Price (RUR)
Perrier 0,33 200
Narzan 0,33 200
Coca-cola 0,2 50